2016 Keeper of the Green Bar: Marc Philipp

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2016 Keeper of the Green Bar: Marc Philipp

JUnit - User mailing list

JUnit as an open-source project has evolved:

- from an experimental bit of pair-programming on an airplane
- to a continuing agile project with 2 or 3 devs working together on a
shared screen
- to today, when it is best seen as a traditional open-source project,
hosted on GitHub, with an issue tracker and a team of committers who
evaluate incoming pull requests.

In the first decade or so of JUnit's existence, project leadership and
project contributors were largely synonymous, and decisions were made by
unanimous consent.  For a few years, I was making most of the decisions
solo.  But then a group of excellent developers with more wisdom and time
than I began to contribute time and direction, as I became more and more
involved with non-JUnit projects.

For clarity in the user and developer community, we wanted to make the
leadership structure of JUnit a little more explicit.  So we're introducing
the role of Keeper of the Green Bar.

The Keeper:

1) Makes simple decisions without the need for consultation.

2) Refers complex decisions to the appropriate group of consultants, e.g.
the other maintainers, and then makes a decision based on their feedback.

3) Has a good instinct for which is which.  :-)

This is a one-year renewable position, which can change hands each calendar

It's my pleasure to declare that by unanimous consent of the current JUnit
maintainers, the Keeper of the Green Bar for 2016 is Marc Philipp. Marc has
been keeping the lights on for JUnit on GitHub for several years now, and
has been instrumental in the creation of the crowdfunded JUnit Lambda
project that is giving JUnit a vision of the future.  We're excited to see
where JUnit is headed in the new year!


David Saff