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Hi JUnit fans,

 with great delight the DukeScript[1] project announces the immediate
 availability of the **JUnit Browser Runner**. This Test Runner executes JUnit Tests in the browser even without a Java plugin installed. This is the easiest way to make sure your
 **Java** code is compatible with one of the available "plugin-less" solutions for running Java in a browser. **JUnit Browser Runner** currently supports bck2brwsr [2].

 More information can be found at
 https://dukescript.com/best/practices/2016/05/30/test-in-browser.html https://dukescript.com/best/practices/2016/05/30/test-in-browser.html

 Thanks for making JUnit so flexible, that it fits into a browser!

 Best Regards

 Anton Epple



 [1] https://www.dukescript.com https://www.dukescript.com
 https://www.dukescript.com https://www.dukescript.com Impressum Angaben gem 5 TMG Betreiber: Dukehoff GmbH Bergmannstr. 66 80339 Muenchen Kontakt: Anton Epple Bergmannstr. 66 80339 Muenchen Telefonnummer: +49 89 54043186 Fax: +49 89 55297978
 View on www.dukescript.com https://www.dukescript.com 
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 [2] Bck2Brwsr - APIDesign http://wiki.apidesign.org/wiki/Bck2Brwsr
 Bck2Brwsr - APIDesign http://wiki.apidesign.org/wiki/Bck2Brwsr From APIDesign Jump to: navigation, search Bck2Brwsr VM is a Java virtual machine which is capable to take bytecode and convert it (either ahead-o...
 View on wiki.apidesign.org http://wiki.apidesign.org/wiki/Bck2Brwsr 
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